My Story.

My Story is a video series that dives into the personal stories of people who have battled addiction.
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Opioids found Jackie at an early age. This video is his personal testimony of addiction and how he rose to overcome incredible hardships and heartbreaking loss. 

Steven had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction from an early age. This video is his personal story of what led him to go down the path towards addiction, what the consequences were of his addiction, and how he choose to overcome it. 

Rodney's struggle with his own identity led him to alcohol, his powerful and addictive friend, that gave him false courage. That false courage led to separation from his family and eventually living on the street. At his lowest point, he trusted a stranger who helped place him in a treatment center for addiction. His fight against addiction started with searching for his identity and his recovery starts with finding it.

Linda has three sons, all of which struggle with addiction. The disease caught all three boys at an early age starting with alcohol and eventually leading to opioids. Linda tells her story of how a family survives through faith and a choice not to give up on or give in to her sons. From failed rehabs to what-if scenarios that are heartbreaking, it’s an emotional story not often heard from this perspective so I encourage you to sit back and listen in for the full story.

Another power MY STORY featuring Deb, who after suffering the loss of her son to a drug overdose, took that raw energy to start a recovery center to prevent other mothers from losing their children to opioid addiction. Recounting the loss from this epidemic sweeping the nation and also the inspiration that from that loss comes strength and help in the form of her own recovery service in his name.